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Fuji Tiger smiled and took Fender to the casino, there were quite a few people inside, and one of the waiters saw a smile and hurriedly walked over and said, “Why are you back again?” Didn’t it tell you to get out of here quickly? Caught by them, they will be sold into slavery! ”

Fuji Hu smiled a little embarrassed and said, “Thank you, but this time I came to pay back.” ”

“Pay it back?” The waiter was stunned, and only then did he notice Fender.

“White: White.. Lord Hakuyasha. The waiter stammered, apparently a man who read the newspaper regularly.

“Oh, hello, I’m a friend of Your Excellency Yixiao, I heard that he owes 100 million Bailey here, and I specially came to pay him back.” Fender said with a smile.

“Yes, okay, please follow me.” The waiter bowed, then led the two to the counter.

Fender smiled at Fuji Tiger and said, “This guy seems to be a good person.” ”

“Ah, yes, he told me to run quickly if I don’t have money to pay back, otherwise I will be taken as a slave, and it seems that the reason why I lost before was because the casino sold thousands.” Fuji Tiger said with a smile.

“Huh? Out of a thousand? So you still have to pay them back? Your heart is so big. Fender said a little puzzled.

“In the next did not find that they out of thousands itself is a mistake in the next, willing to gamble and accept the loss is under the creed.” Fuji Tiger said with a smile.

“Are you willing to gamble and lose?” Fender muttered, no longer entangled, anyway, he was already planning to pay off the debt for Fuji Hu with a smile, since the parties didn’t care, and he didn’t need to do more.

The kind waiter who was talking asked at the counter and then turned to Fender and said, “Sorry, Lord Shirayasha, due to the relatively large amount, the boss invited the two to go to the VIP room upstairs to negotiate.” ”

“It’s okay, lead the way.” Fender waved his hand to signal that the waiter didn’t have to be so careful.

Then the waiter took Fender and the two to a staircase and said, “I can’t go up any further, please ask the two adults to take matters into their own hands.” ”

“Okay, you’re in trouble.” Fuji Tiger smiled at the waiter and nodded and said.

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Fender took the lead and walked up the stairs and asked Fujitora, “Has Your Excellency been to the second floor with a smile?” ”

“I haven’t been here.” Fuji Tiger said with a smile.

“So it is.” Fender turned to look at the large fish tank at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor, where a beautiful mermaid lady was breathing bubbles sadly.

Fuji Tiger smiled and followed Fender’s gaze, and also frowned.

“Lord Shirayasha is here, and he is not welcome.” A guy in a suit came out of the VIP room door and said.

“Hehe, I’m here to pay off my friend Fuji Tiger Yixiao, this is a check for 100 million Bailey, which can be exchanged in any bank under the flag of the world government, you verify.” Fender had no intention of saying anything more to him, pulling out a check from his pocket and saying.

The owner of the casino was not embarrassed, so he took it and looked at it carefully: “I can still trust the credibility of Lord Shirayasha, so that the accounts between His Excellency Fujitora and our casino will be written off.” ”

“So it’s best, then we’ll go.” Fender nodded and said.

“Doesn’t Lord Hakuyasha play a few handfuls? If you lose, count it as mine, and if you win, Shirayasha-sama will take it as a small gift. The boss said with a smile.

“No, I’m not interested in that.” Fender refused, then looked at Fuji Tiger and smiled and asked, “Do you want to play two more with your Excellency?” ”

“Forgive your refusal.” Fujitora also shook his head.

Then under the repeated retention of the boss, Fender still walked out of the casino with Fuji Tora.

“Thank you again for your help, please speak up if you can be useful in the future.” Fuji Hu said solemnly to Fender.

“Haha, don’t care, let’s leave a contact information, maybe when will we see each other again.” Fender pulled out the phone worm and said to Fuji Tiger.

“I can’t ask for it, and I think the same way below.” Fujitora also took out the phone worm he was carrying with him and exchanged radio waves with Fender’s phone worm.

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“Okay, smile Your Excellency, tomorrow we will lift the guard, then Your Excellency can continue your journey, I still have some things to deal with, so I won’t send Your Excellency more.” Fender put away the phone bug with a smile and said to Fuji Tora.

“Okay, I wish Your Excellency Shirayasha a prosperous martial arts, and don’t pass it now.” Fujitora nodded, smiled at Fender, stepped on his clogs and walked away.

After watching Fuji Tiger walk away, Fender took out a cigar from the pocket of his suit, lit it, took a sharp breath and spat out a cigarette: “It seems that I found something illegal just now… How can the righteous navy sit idly by? ”

So Fender took a few steps and sat on the public seat directly opposite the casino, took out the phone worm that had just been put away, and dialed it towards the garden.

“Lieutenant General? Is there any command? The voice of the garden came from the other end.

“Oh, Yuanyuan, how’s the search?” Fender asked.

“The report will be completed, and no signs of Roger’s pirate group have been found.” Gu Yuan said.

“Ah, okay, then close the team, the Roger Pirates are not on this island, let the squirrel send a message to Kuzan and tell him that there is no suspicion here.” Fender said as he spat out a puff of smoke into the phone worm.

“Yes! What other instructions does the lieutenant general have? Yuan asked.

“Oh, I’ll send a signal and lead the team to gather here!” Fender said in a calm voice.

“Yes! For justice! “The garden should arrive.

After hanging up the phone worm, Fender shot a few lightning bolts into the sky, signaling his location.

A few minutes later, a large number of navies, led by Gunyuan, arrived in front of Fender.

“Lieutenant General, please instruct!” Gunyuan saluted.

“Surround the casino!” Fender said with a wave of his hand.

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“There is an order in the lieutenant general! Surround the casino! Gu Yuan said majestically to the assembled navy.

“Yes! For justice! “The navy surrounded the casino without saying a word.

Then Fender walked into the casino with the garden and a group of navies, and after a few navies opened the guards and security, Fender walked directly to the second floor.

The owner of the casino ran out in a panic and said to Fender: “Lord Hakuyasha, is there some misunderstanding?” He said and pulled out the check and returned it to Fender.

“No, I’m not here for that.” After speaking, Fender looked at the large fish tank not far away and said, “You know, right? The slave trade was an illegal matter recognized by the world government. ”

While saying Fender, he walked to the fish tank and said, “As a righteous navy, how can you not tolerate turning a blind eye.” In other words, you broke the law, boss. Then Fender threw the burning cigar on the ground and stomped it out, “And the slave trade is a felony!” Therefore, I declare you arrested. Gunyuan! ”

“Yes! Lieutenant General! Without saying a word, Gu Yuan made his admirals constantly shout: “Wronged! This is not a slave. The boss put it down.

It doesn’t seem like this is the first time this has been done.

Then Fender knocked on the fish tank and said, “Beautiful young lady, you are frightened, congratulations on your freedom.” ”

The mermaid lady inside excitedly peeked out from the surface of the water and said, “Is it you?” Lord Hakuyasha. ”

“Oh, it seems that I still have a certain reputation on Fishman Island.” Fender said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, because Lord Shirayasha rescued many of our compatriots, everyone on Fishman Island respects you, although you have never been to Fishman Island.” Miss Mermaid said excitedly.

“Hahaha, is that so? Don’t worry too much, it’s all by hand, I’m a supporter of racial equality, I think the status of human beings and the rest of the races is equal, of course, fish people and mermaids are also oh. Ah, by the way, what is the name of the young lady? Fender said.

“Ah, I’m really sorry, because I was too excited to be rude, Shiraya-sama, my name is Arya.” Miss Mermaid Arya said.

“Ah, okay, Arya, do you need me to escort you to the vicinity of Mallinford or can you go back to Fishman Island yourself?” I think Mallinford is closer to Fishman Island. Fender asked.

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“Ah, thank you very much for the rescue of Lord Shirayasha, I have friends living in this neighborhood, in fact, I just came to find friends to play before I was caught and sold here, just send me back to the sea, I haven’t heard from me for a month, my friends must be worried about me.” Arya said excitedly.

“Okay, then I’ll take you to the beach now.” Fender beckoned a few strong navies and said, “You guys carry Miss Arya and come with me to the beach.” ”

“Yes! Lieutenant General! A few muscular men lifted the large fish tank very easily.

Then Fender and Gunyuan took Arya towards the sea.

Ten minutes later, amid Arya’s thanks, Fender watched Arya disappear into the sea.

“Lieutenant General, this is already the 147th time.” Gu Yuan took out a small book and wrote another stroke on it.

“Isn’t that nice? We can’t control the Chambordi Islands, because they are directly under the jurisdiction of the Draco, but out of the Chambord Islands, do you want me to turn a blind eye to these actions? Fender said with a smile.

“No, I just think the lieutenant general is very handsome!” Gu Yuan said with a blush.

“Haha, Yuan, I’m Hakuyasha, of course handsome!” Fender said with a smile.

Yes, since Fender joined the army, he has rescued these imprisoned fishmen and mermaids he met during his patrol many times and returned them to freedom.

On the one hand, he really can’t stand this barbaric behavior, on the other hand, he is also showing favor to Fishman Island, after all, Fishman Island is also a force that Fender attaches great importance to, and sooner or later Fender will take Fishman Island under his command.

Of course, this is a matter of mutual benefit, after all, Fender also intends to build this equal relationship in his own forces, and won’t it be a hit with Fishman Island?

And with Fender under his command, Fender must shelter the safety of the fishmen.

In short, it is a win-win situation, that is, the time has not yet come, and Fishman Island has not completely lost confidence in the world government.

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