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Fender had been silent in his chair for a long time, but fortunately this room was a bedroom specially arranged for him, so no one came to disturb him and no one noticed his abnormality.

“Whew…. What the hell is Waterfarke, Supernova Roger? Fender slammed a punch on the table, burning a flash of electricity.

Taking a few deep breaths, Fender calmed himself down and continued to look at the old newspaper in his hand.

“The Supernova Gold Roger of Big Events— with a bounty of 370 million Baileys has escaped from prison and entered the New World. “The headlines of the News of the World are the headlines of the world. Fender glanced at the date in the upper left corner again.

Well… March 14, 1490 in the Haiyuan calendar.

Fender couldn’t help but roll his eyes a few times. Mom, the time traveled is a bit pitted, and he doesn’t know what happened in the whole world during this time period, especially looking at the famous “One Piece— Gore · D. Roger: “Still a supernova who has just crossed the Chambord Islands, “Golden Roger” simply makes Fender’s inner alpacas run wild.

Then Fender continued to look again.

“Seven days ago, Roger’s pirates landed in the Chambord Islands, officially announcing that they had crossed the first half of the Great Voyage, — Paradise, and launched a three-day banquet in the illegal zone. The Roger Pirates are powerful, they set off from the weakest sea East Sea, collided with the navy many times, and broke all the way to the entrance of the new world, the Chambord Islands, during which countless events occurred large and small, just like before they entered the Chambord Islands, we all thought they were going to die, didn’t we? Right! True, they escaped from the G-6 branch of the Navy! As we all know, the magical Roger Pirates had previously encountered Admiral Zefa and Vice Admiral Monchi Munchi near the G-6 branch of the Navy. D. Karp, Rear Admiral Kuzan’s cruising fleet. After a fierce battle, Rear Admiral Kuzan was seriously injured by the crew of the Roger Pirates in order to prevent the escape of the Roger Pirates, and is still receiving treatment in Mullinford, but his sacrifice is not useless, all members of the Roger Pirates were arrested, among which the supernova with a bounty of more than 100 million was Gorod (Gold) Roger, known as “Fantastic Roger”, his bounty was 370 million Bailey, and the deputy captain of the Roger Pirates, Little Lion Hilbaz Reilly, His bounty was 240 million Baileys and their boatswain, Spock Jabba the Fox in Sunglasses, with a bounty of 210 million Baileys. In addition to these sea pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million, the rest of the members of Roger’s pirate group were also arrested.

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Vice Admiral Munchi D. Karp had proudly declared Roger his defeated men.

However, less than seventy-two hours after the arrest of the Roger Pirates, all the members of the G-6 Branch of the Navy escaped from the well-guarded G-6 Branch, and it is reported that in a few hours, the warships from the Deep Sea Prison — Advance City will arrive at the G-6 Branch, at which time all members of the Roger Pirate Group will be escorted to the most elaborate prison where no one can ever escape— Advance City.

Our reporter risked his life in the Chambord Islands to interview Roger Pirates’ captain Goldrod Roger, and when he asked why Roger could escape from prison, Roger said that it was purely a matter of luck to be able to escape from prison, but Roger said that after all, he is a man known as the magical Roger, and it is nothing to be lucky, right?

When our reporter asked Roger what he thought of Vice Admiral Karp’s declaration that he was his own defeated general, Roger said that Karp, the bastard, wanted to capture himself 10,000 years earlier!

When our reporter seized the golden opportunity to ask Roger if he wanted to enter a dangerous and war-torn new world, Roger confidently said that of course, as long as we rest, we will enter the new world.

Perhaps Roger drank too much, and he also declared that he wanted to enter the New World and become the first man in history to conquer the New World.

Hahaha, maybe he really drank too much, right? Because this guy wants to be One Piece!!! ”

Fender rubbed his temples and smacked his lips: “Hmph, ignorant World News, I wonder if this newspaper will be taken out and slapped in the face after Roger becomes One Piece?” ”

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But think about it, who would believe that the Roger Pirates, who have just broken through the paradise, will mix in the new world and finally win the title of One Piece?

Fender looked at the photo in the newspaper, and the young Roger held up a large wooden wine glass and laughed confidently. It can be seen from the photo that this guy is extraordinary, Fender smiled and said softly: “Is there really such a thing as the son of the times?” ”

And these titles are really funny, magical gold Roger? Little Lion Hilbaz Reilly? And this fox Spock Jabba in sunglasses. Hahaha, it turns out that their titles are not so bluffing during the newcomer period.

Looking at the photo of the future famous Hades Hilbaz Reilly, Fender suddenly thought that maybe it was because of his bohemian blonde hair that he was called a lion cub, right?

After all, there is already a big man in the new world.

Golden Lion Shiki.

Fender looked at the Golden Lion Shiji report.

“The new Pirate Overlord is about to be born? 》

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The flying pirate Golden Lion Shiki, known as the pirate governor, recently collected the sea pirate executioner Gruyas with a bounty of 430 million Bailey in the New World, and it is reported that Gruyas has drunk the wine of the righteous son with the golden lion. In this way, there are already thirteen fleets under the Golden Lion’s Flying Air Pirate Group, and the title of the Golden Lion Pirate Governor is no longer questioned in the new world, and it is estimated that the Golden Lion is likely to set its sights on challenging the previous generation of Pirate Overlord, the owner of the Superhuman Force, the Destroyer Ranfrey, after integrating its forces. Because the golden lion has said more than once that he wants to oust this so-called old guy who can’t keep up with the times from the throne. At present, it seems that the golden lion already has the strength to challenge the destroyer, and the destroyer Lanfrey is indeed a little older.

The battle between the old and new hegemony in the new world looks imminent? ”

Fender was speechless when he saw this report, because this destroyer Lanfrey he had never heard of, but from the fruit ability point of view should be a hanging figure, the power fruit, listen to the name to know what a strong fruit this is, developed to the depths is estimated to be like a punch man.

But Golden Lion Schi he knows, before the Battle of Aitor Wall, this guy was a New World Overlord, on a par with Roger and Whitebeard, but looking at the strength of his fleet, it should be faintly higher than Roger and Whitebeard.

After all, Whitebeard and Roger have been competing for many years, and the golden lion has killed Roger soon, if it weren’t for a sudden storm, maybe he could really dominate the world.

However, after the Battle of Aitwall, the golden lion was seriously injured and could not be cured, and the fleet was basically completely destroyed, and its strength plummeted. By the time he finally appeared, he was already at the end of his life, and he could only be called a legend of the previous era, not a hegemon.

This is really — time, fate.

Fender also wanted to find out if there was news about Whitebeard, but he didn’t, and found out in the wanted warrant that although this guy is now in the New World, he seems to be still hanging out in a happy treasure hunting pirate group. Not at all the look of the strongest man in the world after that. The bounty is only a little over 300 million.

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But looking at the time, Edward Newgate is almost out of the door. In the future, the famous Whitebeard Pirates will be established.

I really look forward to the collision of these three era hegemons in the new world.

Fender, who was full of emotion, burst into tears when he thought about it…

Mom sells lots, it’s 1490 in the Haiyuan calendar, Fender’s body is 16 years old, well, almost 17 years old. When Roger dominated the Great Voyage and became One Piece, it was 7 years later, he was twenty-four years old, and then when Luffy went out to sea in 1520 to start the wave of a new era… He was forty-seven years old, and it was estimated that in a few years he would be shouting like a white beard, “There is no ship that can carry me in the new era.” “And then quit the quacks?

I can’t accept it! Fender said that he still wants to chase the female emperor, now seeing that the female emperor has not yet been born, he still wants to chase Robin, but Robin has not yet been born, Nami don’t even think about it, Nami and her mother are not necessarily born.

“What a pit daddy! Do I want to pursue the female emperor when I am in my fifties, with black hair mixed with white hair and a face full of folds? Even if she has a face, the female emperor will definitely not be chased by the old man, right? Fender roared unwillingly!!!

And the new era will turn the whole world upside down, and even the regime will be overthrown, how can such a wave be willing not to participate?

At this moment, the long-lost electronic sound started.

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“Don’t worry about the host, the self-healing factor in your body has extended your life to 200 years, and you can maintain the appearance of about thirty years old in the first 198 years, just like Wolverine Logan.” If when your ability is upgraded to level five, you will belong to the immortal, and then you will not have to worry about what to do if you are old and weak, but what to do with your relatives and friends around you. Hmph, work hard, try to experience the pain of the immortals, stupid human! ”

“Oh? There is also this kind of operation, hahaha, that’s great, it seems that not only the new era needs me to stir up the wind and rain, but now this old era also needs me to wave! Fender clapped his hands and laughed.

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