Regent Seven Seas unveils five new Grand Voyages for 2025/26 including 117 nighter - Travel Weekly (2023)

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the world’s leading luxury ocean cruise line, has unveiled five new Grand Voyages for their 2025-2026 collection.

The sailings on board four ships of The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet will cruise itineraries across five continents and 194 ports of call, with destinations including Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Due to the popularity of extended luxury cruising, Regent has increased the number of sailings in their 2025-2026 Grand Voyage collection to five, with prices starting at AU$57,750 / NZ$61,720 per guest.

Guests can enjoy truly mesmerising explorations with up to 589 included shore excursions to choose from and up to nine overnight port stays.

“Discerning travellers are continuing to seek longer and more immersive cruise experiences, which is why we are excited to unveil our incredible Grand Voyage Collection for the 2025-2026 season,” said Andrea DeMarco, President of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

“These five new voyages appeal to those who desire more extensive destination-intensive voyages, with itineraries ranging from 61 to 117 nights of unforgettable experiences across the world. Our guests will enjoy unmatched personalised service, impeccable hospitality, and the comfort of our all-suite, all-balcony accommodations.”

The Grand Arctic Adventure on board Seven Seas Mariner departs from New York and takes guests on an 83-night voyage to Barcelona.

On Seven Seas Mariner’s Grand Cultural Quest – which at 117-nights is as long as some world cruises – guests will sail from New York to Barcelona visiting a myriad of destinations in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Travellers on the Grand Continental Sojourn will embark on an 84-night Barcelona to Sydney voyage through Africa, Asia and Australia on board Seven Seas Navigator.

On Seven Seas Explorer’s Grand Asia Exploration, guests will experience a 61-night adventure from Auckland to Tokyo. The final voyage is the Indian Ocean Odyssey which will take intrepid travellers on a 64-night voyage from Mauritius to Rome visiting Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Travelling on board Seven Seas Explorer, Seven Seas Mariner, Seven Seas Navigator and Seven Seas Voyager, guests will experience exquisite comfort with true all-inclusive luxury, offering travellers an unrivalled experience.

Together with spacious all-suite, all-balcony accommodation, guests onboard a Grand Voyage will enjoy inclusions such as a generous shipboard credit of up to US$900 per person, a one-night pre-cruise hotel package and dinner, an exclusive shoreside experience, unlimited valet laundry – including dry cleaning and pressing, phone time per suite, onboard medical service and a commemorative gift.

This is in addition to the luxurious amenities already included in a Regent sailing such as unlimited included shore excursions in every port of call, gourmet cuisine in a range of speciality restaurants and al-fresco dining venues, fine wine and spirits, entertainment, unlimited internet access, pre-paid gratuities and transfers between hotel and ship.

Guests can register their interest from 20 April at, with reservations opening on 4 May, 2023.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ 2025-2026 Grand Voyages:

Seven Seas Mariner:

Set sail aboard Seven Seas Mariner on an unforgettable Grand Arctic Adventure from the eastern shores of North America across a marvellous mix of European ports.

Encounter awe-inspiring landscapes, from the rugged shores of New England to the breathtaking glaciers of Iceland and the stunning fjords of Norway.

And with overnights in ports like Reykjavik, Oslo, Amsterdam and Bordeaux, guests will have plenty of time to savour the authentic flavours and local beauty on this magical 83-night journey.

This voyage departs New York on 10 July, 2025 and offers all-inclusive fares from AU$92,820 / NZ$102,970 per guest, with 364 included shore excursions to choose from and seven overnight port stays.

Experience the gems of the North Atlantic, storied shores in Western Europe and historic sites and savoury delights of the Mediterranean on the 117-night Grand Cultural Quest across a kaleidoscope of cultures.

117-night Grand Cultural Quest:

Traverse the edges of the Arctic with stops in New Brunswick, Greenland and Iceland. Sample an array of flavours, from Scandinavia to Spain and Turkey.

Be immersed in the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean, stopping in Greece, France, Egypt, Jerusalem and so much more from the ever elegant Seven Seas Mariner. This voyage departs New York on 10 July, 2025 and offers all-inclusive fares from AU$130,070/NZ$144,300 per guest, with 589 included shore excursions to choose from and nine overnight port stays.

Grand Continental Sojourn:

As part of the Grand Continental Sojourn, embark on an enchanting 84-night journey from Barcelona to Sydney aboard the luxurious Seven Seas Navigator.

Tour Morocco and the Canary Islands before cruising the western coast of Africa to Cape Town.

New adventures await at every port of call as the ship sails to Madagascar and the Seychelles, Oman and Qatar, India and Sri Lanka and beyond.

Experience vibrant lifestyles and friendly faces throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia before enjoying the highlights of Australia en route to Sydney.

This voyage departs Barcelona, Spain on 31 October, 2025 and offers all-inclusive fares from AU$63,380/NZ$70,320 per guest, with 213 included shore excursions to choose from and five overnight port stays.

Grand Asia Exploration Grand Voyage:

Encounter the wonders of Asia on the 61-night Grand Asia Exploration Grand Voyage from Auckland to Tokyo aboard the all-inclusive luxury of Seven Seas Explorer.

The journey begins by exploring multiple ports in New Zealand and Australia before venturing to Bali, Singapore, the Philippines and beyond.

With overnights in Melbourne, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai and Osaka, guests will have ample time to immerse themselves in a unique variety of new and familiar cultures, indulge in local delicacies and create memories to last a lifetime.

This voyage departs Auckland, New Zealand on 12 January, 2026 and offers all-inclusive fares from AU$61,620/NZ$68,360 per guest, with 153 included shore excursions to choose from and five overnight port stays.

Indian Ocean Odyssey:

A Grand Voyage of discovery awaits on the special Indian Ocean Odyssey journey that begins on the heavenly island of Mauritius, sailing to the Southeast coast of Africa, north through Arabia and into the Mediterranean.

Enjoy overnight stays in Tanzania, South Africa, the Seychelles and Egypt before traversing the Suez Canal to indulge in the fare and flair of the Mediterranean.

Greece, Turkey and Italy invite guests to sample their multiple ports of call – filled with ancient history and rich culture – to enrich this unforgettable expedition aboard Seven Seas Voyager.

This voyage departs Port Louis, Mauritius on 12 February, 2026 and offers all-inclusive fares from AU$57,750/NZ$64,070 per guest, with 172 included shore excursions to choose from and five overnight port stays.

2026 World Cruise – The Sense of Adventure:

Previously announced and available to reserve, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ 2026 World Cruise, combined with the five brand new Grand Voyages make up the luxury cruise line’s 2025-2026 Legendary Journeys Collection.

The 2026 World Cruise – The Sense of Adventure – which embarks 10 January, 2026, roundtrip from Miami, Florida, discovers incredible destinations in the Americas, South Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Sailing 39,911 nautical miles, guests will explore 77 ports of call in 41 countries across six continents.

This voyage offers all-inclusive fares from AU$131,690 / NZ$150,160 per guest.

On board Seven Seas Mariner, guests will sail three oceans for 154 nights, visiting 77 ports of call in 41 countries on six continents and will cover 39,911 nautical miles over more than five months.

Regent has curated incredible experiences on land for luxury travellers to enjoy from 431 included shore excursions to 16 in-port overnight stays allowing for extended exploration of fascinating locales including Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Darwin, Australia; and Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The itinerary provides access to 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Monastery of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve from Praslin, Seychelles; Robben Island from Cape Town, South Africa; and the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, Australia.


How much is Regent World cruise 2025? ›

Regent's 2025 World Cruise
CruiseDepartureStarting Price Per Person
150-night Away In Wonder: 2025 World Cruise1/7/2025 View Itinerary$93,699 Request Pricing

How much does it cost to sail on the Seven Seas Explorer? ›

Seven Seas Explorer Cruises 2023, 2024 - Ship, Itineraries, Prices | Atlas Cruises and Tours. Sail Seven Seas Explorer® From $2,899 per person As soon as guests step aboard Seven Seas Explorer they know they have arrived somewhere special.

Are Regent cruises for old people? ›

Unexpected on a luxury cruise: complimentary self-service laundry facilities are available. Clientele: Affluent, sophisticated well-traveled passengers - from young adults to older (generally retired) seniors, 60+.

How do I book excursions with Regent Seven Seas? ›

To do so, please create an account via the My Account section of our website and access the Book Excursions link for your cruise via the Booked Cruises tab. Any Regent Choice Shore Excursions reserved in advance must be paid for at time of confirmation using a major credit card.

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